Black Fried-day Rice

Wondering what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? Turn that turkey into Backyard Hibachi's newest holiday tradition: Black Fried-day Rice! 

We threw all our leftovers into a Fried Rice of sorts. An anything-goes leftovers jambalaya, if you will. I wasn't sure if this experiment would work, but it was actually delicious! This recipe is what leftovers I had to work with, but I think you could throw pretty much any Thanksgiving leftovers together and it would be good. So get creative with your Turkey-day meat and veggie leftovers this year and-

Go Beyond the Grill! 

Chop your leftover turkey and/or other meats. (Ex. ham, roasts, bacon) 

Heat your hibachi grill and pour on some leftover gravy or saved drippings from roasting the turkey. I had big chunks of onions and bell pepper in the pan when I baked the turkey, so i tossed those in too. Add your meat and cook until heated through. 

Next, I added the leftover green bean casserole. The turkey gravy and cream of mushroom mixed nicely and coated everything. Mix and cook until all is heated through and sauce thickens slightly. Add seasoning if desired.

Now add your cooked rice. Mix thoroughly and cook until sauce is thick and coated. 

Serve topped with that leftover cranberry sauce! Be thankful that you have a new way to eat turkey! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 



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