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people use hibachi grill

We love our new Hibachi!! Thanks for taking time for us to choose the perfect one for us including the cover... It is exactly what I imagined it would be and more....

-Nicole F.

I love my hibachi grill! It was the best Christmas Gift I have ever received.

-Miles L.

We drove over Saturday & picked up his grill for Fathers Day. We both are in love & are looking forward to more delicious meals.


Nita Mulvanah's photo.
-Nita M.

Loving our new hibachi grill! Makes summer nights that much better!


getting hibachi grill hot

-Josh O.

Had ours since April and love it. A real crowd pleaser and the food is amazing!!


Just got our grill on Father's Day it was a huge hit. I think we can eat hibachi every night

-Susan D.

We purchased a Backyard Hibachi at the outdoor show in Lafayette. It was ready for pick up in about a week. We use it at least twice a week and absolutely love it. It's design and construction are fabulous!!!!


Awesome!! Cooks like a dream!! We have cooked on it every night since we picked it up Wednesday. Thanks again!!

-Michelle D.

Easy prep... Easy to cook...
Hard to stop eating!!!!

-Drew M.

We love our hibachi grill!!!! The best thing ever!!! Thank you so much!!!!

-Stephanie J.

I love our grill! I'll never cook bacon in the house again!

-Shequita B.

My fiancé Brandon got a Backyard Hibachi for Christmas! We used it today for the first time! Thank y'all for this amazing tool! We love it!


outdoor hibachi grill looks fun
-Madison W.
Thanks alot guys. We cooked on our hibachi last night and it works awesome.
-Paris & Cory C.


My first time cooking for my guests on my new Backyard Hibachi. It was an incredible experience. Part of the dinner service. Amazing temp control. Love it.

- Mark H.


This is amazing! Thank you Nic! Better than I imagined. Very happy customer.

Thomas Dauphin's photo.
-Thomas D.


First meal: Snapper Tacos with Black bean, goose sausage and rice!! Amazing! Backyard Hibachi Abita Beer


-Journey South Outfitters
A special thanks to Steve for his great and humerous customer service. Can't wait for my husband to try his new hibachi grill! Thanks Nick, for the quick lesson on how to make a flame!
-Sherry G.

Birthday present was a success!! We certainly had a crowd!
Thanks again!!

-April S.

Breaking in the backyard hibachi !!

-Myles W.
I had the pleasure of viewing the products and meeting the owner of Backyard Hibachi today I and was very impressed with their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are very attentive to customer service and offer an exceptional product. If you have the opportunity, go out to the LA Outdoor Expo at the Cajundome this weekend to see their products and meet the staff. I assure you, you will be impressed.
-Rick C.

Lance looves the grill! We do too!;)

-Kelly O.

Seth, loves his backyard hibachi grill! Thanks

-Debbie G.