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Why You Should Consider a Hibachi Grill For the Next Cookout

Cooking meals over fire and coals has been practiced since the dawn of time. Grilling and barbecuing food is still one of the most popular cooking methods today. Barbecuing is a significant part of our culture in the US, as it is in countries all across the world. After all, what's better than a good cookout with friends on a balmy summer evening? Today, we'll talk about one of the oldest techniques of grilling meat and why you need a Hibachi grill in your life!

What is a Hibachi Grill?

The term "Hibachi" refers to a traditional (8th century) Japanese cooking bowl that is powered by charcoal. Hibachi grills are commonly thought of as tiny, portable charcoal barbecues in the United States. Today, however, the name "Hibachi" can also apply to Flat Top Gas Grills, also known as Gas Griddles, Teppanyaki Grills, or Planchas. They can be built-in or freestanding, while freestanding variants are most commonly referred to as Teppanyaki. Flat Top Grills provide an extremely hot, adaptable cooking surface since they may be used to make nearly any form of cuisine.

Who Came Up With Hibachi?

Hibachi is thought to have originally started when the Japanese began utilizing metal cookware. Nonetheless, there are indications that it was developed much earlier, about 79-1185 AD, during the Heian period, when the earliest grills were built of cypress wood with a clay liner.

Because of its simplicity, Hibachi became one of Japan's first contributions to the culinary world. Hibachi quickly became ingrained in the rich Japanese culture.

But how did Hibachi become so popular in the west? Throughout WWII, many Japanese fighters used Hibachi grills in the field and at bases. When invading American soldiers encountered Japanese bases, they discovered several Hibachi. The Americans were taught what they were and how to cook with them by Japanese forces. 

Many soldiers brought them home as keepsakes at the end of the conflict. Over time, these mementos have proven to be a quick, affordable, and simple method to BBQ — an activity that Americans and Australians both enjoy. While it took some time for the Hibachi grill to gain recognition and appreciation, it will always be a vital piece of history.

Why Hibachi Grills are Ideal For an Intimate Outdoor BBQ

Smaller Size

Traditional outdoor hibachi grills are available in tiny sizes, making it a practical cooking method that does not take up too much room. When you're finished, these grills are simple to store.

Whether it's a camping vacation or a baseball tailgate, these grills are easy to pack and cook up some wonderful meals for all your pals.

There are also american style Backyard Hibachi Grills who offer a  large flat top cooking surface for the big party experience your friends and family will love.

Less Smoke

Hibachi grills are perfect for center-of-the-table meals in case you don't have a lot of space at a campsite or in the backyard. The grills are designed for small bumps of charcoal and are much less likely to produce massive amounts of superfluous smoke that can ruin your meal.

Minimal Assembly or Set Up

A hibachi grill is much easier to assemble and set up than a full-sized grill. When purchased, the majority of hibachi grills are ready for you to ignite and start grilling.

Smaller Portions and Quicker Cooking

Compared to other types of grills, hibachi grills are designed to cook smaller portions. This means you'll be eating quicker, and you're going to spend less time getting your food ready in the kitchen.


Hibachi grills in the market are not that expensive, making them appealing to the masses. If you're cooking for a couple of guests and don't want to spend much money, a hibachi grill can get you the results you need.


Hibachi grills can cook many types of meals, providing you with a lot of versatility in the kitchen. You are able to cook fish, meat, vegetables, and other types of food without having to use multiple grills.


Hibachi grills are a great addition to any apartment, patio, or back garden. They are a simple, easy, and affordable way to cook. If you are planning a huge summer gathering, consider a Hibachi grill to help you prepare some of the best-tasting food your friends have ever had!

Hand-made in the USA by artisan grill makers, our large sized Backyard Hibachi Grill is truly a piece of art. Backyard Hibachi was founded in Lafayette, Louisiana by a group of friends who wanted to bring the concept of sitting around a table with friends and cooking delicious meals to their own backyard. Please browse through our website and place your order today!

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