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Some Interesting Foods You Can Cook on a Backyard Hibachi

Despite their limited cooking space, backyard hibachis can be surprisingly versatile in their use, particularly if you love to grill meat and simple vegetables. High heat and a simple cooktop make hibachi grilling intuitive and straightforward.

If you’re considering a hibachi of any size, you’ve probably asked, “What can I cook on a hibachi grill?” We’ll answer this question as we move through the article.

First, let’s read up on the benefits of cooking everyday meals on a backyard hibachi.

The Benefits

  • Hibachi grills are best for cooking food on tabletop grills. They are ideal for homes with small yards and limited outdoor space. They are also the perfect choice for picnics and camping since they’re easy to set up and use.
  • Hibachis are designed with space efficiency in mind. They don’t require much surface area to cook a meal, so they’re great for people who live in tiny homes and apartments.
  • Budget hibachis tend to be relatively small, which is great when space is an issue. You can have a gleaming hibachi in your home or apartment, even if the only outdoor space is a small balcony, patio, or tabletop.
  • A backyard hibachi grill allows you to get close to your food as you cook, ensuring an authentic cooking experience each time.
  • Cooking with a hibachi gives you the chance to prepare food in an authentic fashion that is impossible with another type of grill, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Food's “real” flavor comes from cooking over charcoal, whether on an outdoor grill or a hibachi grill. Fortunately, we can use more traditional grilling methods in our homes, thanks to charcoal grills. The coals burn at around 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 degrees Celsius), just like the coals on an outdoor grill would! The proximity between the coals and your food ensures that your food will get a rich smoky taste!
  • Hibachis feature open-top designs that make them difficult to miss when walking into your kitchen or backyard. This open-top lets you keep a close eye on all ingredients you place over the coals without blocking them from view! Some people even enjoy the atmosphere created by a hibachi grill with its open top and fuel source exposed; some call it “the original grill party!”
  • Since they’re smaller, more efficient machines, backyard hibachis are also lighter on the spending fund!

The Foods You Can Cook

  • Steak: Grilled steaks are a classic favorite for hibachi grilling. For best results, season steaks well and cook to around 125 degrees Fahrenheit to an internal temperature.
  • Sausages and Hotdogs: Both kids and adults love grilled hot dogs. Hot dogs taste great when cooked over a tabletop hibachi or even on a grill in your backyard. Use tongs or spatulas to avoid bursting your hot dog or sausage during cooking, and score the surface to prevent bursting.
  • Burgers: Homemade or store-bought beef burgers always taste great when cooked over a hibachi grill. A small hibachi can only cook a single burger at a time, but a larger model will let you cook for the whole family at once.
  • Skewered Vegetables: Vegetables can be cooked over high direct heat to lock in flavor over a hibachi grill. Skewer onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, corn, eggplant, zucchini, and even squash together for fresh meals with an international flair. You can even mix them with beef, chicken, or pork for more variety!

Grill on Your Backyard Hibachi Today!

At the most basic level, hibachi grills are excellent for cooking meats and vegetables, focusing on flavor. If you’re on a budget that allows only for a small cooking machine, you may consider purchasing a hibachi grill for your next investment.

Cook everyday meals on your grill purchased directly from Backyard Hibachi! It’s small, portable, and cooks anything! Check out our collection now!

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