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Top 8 Grilled Vegetables for Your Backyard BBQ Cookout

Many home chefs purchase a lot of meat while preparing for a barbecue, including hamburgers, steaks, and sausage, as well as one or two ears of corn.

You don't have to stick to maize, onions, and peppers when grilling veggies. There are many other choices and tastes to consider. 

Grilling almost any vegetable with an outdoor hibachi grill produces exquisite results. Just follow a few straightforward instructions to guarantee adequately cooked and seasoned vegetables. 


The thin, green stalks cook quickly and effectively over high heat, making the grill smoky and crisp-tender. Asparagus should be tossed in oil and put in the pan over medium or medium-high heat with their ends perpendicular to the grates to prevent falling.

The cooked stalks should have crisp tips and vivid green color. You can add some salt and a squeeze of lemon to finish them off. 

Brussels Sprouts

When prepared improperly, Brussels sprouts can be more divisive than other vegetables. To convince those who are skeptical of sprouts, try grilling. Toss the Brussels with a bit of oil after slicing them halfway through the stem.

Add to a grill basket or place on metal skewers, then cook for about 10 minutes, rotating halfway through. Bright green and faintly burnt on the exteriors are ideal.


A bland vegetable may be transformed into a flavorful, sweet, gratifying, and keto-friendly meal by grilling cauliflower. Slice the head thickly, then season and gently drizzle with oil or an oil-based marinade.

Cook over medium-high heat directly on the grill for about five minutes on each side, or until well cooked and sporting appealing grill marks. Add blue cheese sauce, salsa verde, or barbecue sauce as a topping. 


Freshly grilled corn on the cob is a grilling staple that is unrivaled. Keep the ears in their husks, remove any loose outer husk, and use scissors to trim the silk protruding from the top.

Grill over high heat, turning the corn approximately every five minutes, for about 15 minutes, or until the husks are wholly charred and the corn is vividly colored. Allow it cool for a few minutes before the husk and silk are peeled off. Return to the grill if preferred, turning to get a light char.


Eggplant, a similarly meaty vegetable, rapidly absorbs the smokiness of the grill. If you have time, cut the meat into thick, long slices or wedges and let it sit in a salty brine or marinate for up to an hour. Before grilling for eight to ten minutes over medium-high heat, turning halfway through, thoroughly dry, and brush with oil. They must be readily cut with a knife and have lovely grill marks.


The savory fungus's meaty texture makes grilling a perfect fit for it. To prevent any from dropping through the grates, little mushrooms should be coated in a bit of oil or marinade and either placed on skewers, added to grill baskets, or wrapped in foil.

Grilling portobello mushrooms in slices or whole is an option. Grill food until soft and attractively browned for eight to twenty minutes over medium-high heat.


Peppers get a slightly sweet taste and crisp-tender texture when they are grilled. Slice into thick rings to set on the grill directly, or slice into strips and add to a grill basket or foil packet. Seed and quarter. Cook for five to ten minutes over medium-high heat, or until gently browned and crisp-tender. Use as a simple side dish, a salad dressing, or a topping for sausages.

Romaine Lettuce

Although lettuce may not be the first vegetable you consider grilling, it makes a fantastic salad. Then, top with your preferred salad components and dressing after grilling a head of romaine lettuce for two minutes on each side.  

The lettuce's internal leaves will remain crisp while the edges get scorched and smokey. For a unique Caesar salad, try mixing grilled lettuce and chicken.

You can cook all these vegetables with an outdoor hibachi grill!


Grilled vegetables are a great option if you're looking for a delicious and easy meal to enjoy outside. With simple steps, you can make these vegetables taste amazing and provide a delightful and healthy meal for your backyard BBQ. Buy a hibachi grill for your next backyard barbeque party!

Backyard Hibachi can help if you're shopping for a new backyard hibachi grill. Shop now and register to receive a 10% discount on your first purchase. All orders above $100 qualify for free delivery!


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