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Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Hibachi Grill for Beginners

Hibachi grills are simple to use and can instantly heat up due to the quantity of charcoal used. It is a great cooking tool for those who prefer the outdoors and the simplicity of cooking. This is why it’s a must-have for anyone who plans to enjoy grilled dishes for any occasion. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Hibachi Grill? 

Hibachi Grills are pretty famous as chefs used them in the past. They are very convenient, as they require very less maintenance and also due to their small size, they can be carried outside easily. 

Moreover, finding storage space for these kinds of grills is less complicated. The majority of them are foldable, making them easy to move around. They are also considerably lighter than various other BBQ grills and equipment. This means it won’t be a hassle to bring out on the yard or pack during camping trips.

How to Use Hibachi Grill for Cooking?

While it functions generally like any other grill, you need to know how to properly use a Hibachi grill to experience all its perks.

In this article, we'll share a five-step guide to help you with your first grilling session with a Hibachi grill.

1. Look for the Best Grilling Area

The grill must be placed on a flat, even surface that cannot tip or shift as it heats up. Because of the type of grill, make sure it doesn't sit right on the surface of your deck or patio. Instead, there should be a barrier between the grill and the surface. 

In addition, an upside-down propane tank works well for this purpose. It will provide the necessary support and allow any grease that is collected to drip onto the ground rather than onto the surface of the deck.  

2. Place the Charcoal

A hibachi grill needs the right number of hot coals to get the right amount of eating. The fire must be hot enough to do the cooking and not too hot to burn the food. Hibachi chefs use more charcoal than most grills. The charcoal is used to provide a large surface area and a high temperature. A typical hibachi grill uses 100 to 120 pounds of charcoal.

Moreover, for grilling, use charcoal briquets. They will burn longer than lump hardwood charcoal and come in a bag that allows you to use a pair of pliers to place each. If you are using a hibachi, cast iron grates will be necessary for the charcoal to heat the grill.  

3. Spread the Charcoal

The charcoal must be dispersed over a large area. If not spread out, it will burn too hot and too quickly, putting the user at risk of burning the charcoal and the food.

4. Light the Charcoal

Before lighting the charcoal, make sure to unroll the grill from the propane tank. Then, prepare the grill for cooking by placing it on the propane tank. The hibachi grill must be level, and the lid must be on the grill. The chimney starter can now be used to light the coals. 

5. Place the Rack

The grill will come with a metal rack that must be placed over the charcoal. Some grills, especially hibachis, are made with a metal mesh on the bottom of the gill. Some hibachis are made with a mesh on the top, as well. The mesh will hold the food above the coals, allowing the food to cook and letting the grease drip into the grill. 


Hibachi Grills are an old Japanese invention and are used by most chefs. They are effortless to use, and even a beginner can use them. However, it’s important to keep the points above to make sure you use it properly! 

Get your Hibachi grills here at Backyard Hibachi today! We got an entire collection from hibachi grills to Hibachi grill accessories. Shop now!


  • My first was at 17 in the USN and have never been without one!!

    Robert c Johnson
  • First time going to use, need some hint.

    Saheed salim

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