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A Care Guide to Keeping Your Flat Top Gas Grill Clean

There's nothing like having a BBQ on a warm summer afternoon surrounded by family and friends. Grilling is more than just putting meat on a hot surface. It's almost become a tradition of its own. And to preserve that tradition, it's important to take proper care of your flat top gas grill.

Why Is It Important to Regularly Clean Your Grill?

Keeping your flat top gas grill clean is important because dirty grills can cause flare-ups. Flare-ups are when there are small flames shooting out from the grill. This occurs as a result of grease that has accumulated on the grill's surface.

These flames can be hot, and they can start a fire if you're not careful. Luckily, they are easily avoided with a little preventative maintenance.

What Are the Signs of a Dirty Flat Top Gas Grill?

The most obvious sign of a dirty grill is the black or sooty buildup on the bottom of the grill and on the sides of the grilling surface. This will occur and is completely normal. This is known as a "char."

There are also other, less obvious signs of a dirty grill. If grease drippings are left to scorch on the surface, you may have an oily sheen coating the grilling surface. You may also notice a smell that is reminiscent of the smell of an old ashtray.

You should also periodically check the underside of your grilling surface. If the grilling surface is not removable, you should check the underside of the cooking surface for rusting.

How to Clean Your Flat Top Gas Grill

A good rule of thumb is to clean your grill before and after each use. You can do this by pouring water over the entire surface of the grill. Make sure you always have a fire extinguisher handy.

Afterward, you can use a long-handled brush to scrub down your grill. If necessary, you can use soap and water or even a towel or newspaper to wipe down your grill. Wiping the grill after each use will help prevent the buildup of grease and other items.

Additionally, you should be cleaning your grill after every few uses. The key is to break the cleaning into multiple sessions. For example, you can clean the frame and the burner on one day and the grates and the burners on the next. This will ensure that your grill is properly cleaned and that you don't overwork yourself.

What About Grease Traps?

While cleaning your grill regularly will help keep it from getting gunky, you may want to consider using a grease trap. Most grills have a grease trap, which is a little chamber where the grease from your food drips into. This prevents grease from falling on the grill's surface and causing flare-ups.

A grease trap can be cleaned out by running a hose to it and pouring water into it. Afterward, you can use a long-handled brush to scrub it down. If you don't have a grease trap, you can try placing a large bowl in the grill to catch grease.

When cleaning your grill, you may notice that there is an oily residue left behind. This can be cleaned with a grill brush or with paper towels and soap and water.

Final Thoughts

When properly cleaned, your flat top gas grill will perform better and last longer. Take a little extra time to clean your grill, and you'll be able to enjoy the company of your friends and family over a classic BBQ for years to come.

Find the best flat top gas grill for your backyard BBQs from Backyard Hibachi. Our grill has an easy-to-use auto spark ignition and adjustable heat settings, a stainless-steel drip pan beneath the cooking surface that catches any food scraps for easy cleaning, and is dishwasher safe. Order now!

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  • What caught my attention is when you said that flare-ups are caused by dirty grills due to the grease that has accumulated. With this in mind, I will hire a bbq grill cleaning company within the day. Our bbq grill has dirt that I could not effectively remove anymore, and I don’t think that I have the tools and skills to safely clean it.

    Shammy Peterson

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