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YES! We offer FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states nationwide! Our freight shipping includes a scheduled delivery appointment and lift gate for curbside delivery on all Backyard Hibachi Grills.

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All Grill orders are processed within 3-4 business days. (Excluding weekends and holidays) After receiving your order confirmation email, please allow 3-7 business days to receive your order. Once your order has shipped, you will be notified via email with a tracking number. If your shipping address has limited access or is not accessible to an 18-wheel delivery truck, please contact us so we can discuss your shipping options. Additional charges may apply in hard to access residential deliveries.

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All Accessories orders are processed within 1-2 business days. (Excluding weekends and holidays) After receiving your order confirmation email, please allow 2-4 business days to receive your order. Once your order has shipped, you will be notified via email with a tracking number.

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Free shipping for orders over $100

Everything You Need to Know About Using a Hibachi Grill

Hibachi grills are extremely popular among outdoor cooking enthusiasts and casual chefs alike. The appeal is that hibachi grills are easy to light and operate, require no charcoal or lighter fluid, offer flavorful bold tastes, and cook meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs and more to perfection in minutes.  

With a little planning, safe practice, and proper use of the hibachi grill you can enjoy the fun flavors of traditional hibachi cooking again and again. 

How to Prepare for Hibachi Grilling 

The first thing you should do before grilling is deciding on a location. Hibachi grills are grill-based stationary units, and because of their size, should not be used on elevated surfaces such as tables, countertops, etc.  

Hibachi grills should always be used on a flat surface such as a concrete patio, covered deck, or well-drained lawn. It is also important to have a clean and safe area to use the hibachi grill, you can use a tablecloth or covering to protect your table and keep things like hibachi fuel or hot charcoal from directly touching your table or ground. 

Place the hibachi grill on a flat surface, as it could tip over or fall over if used on an uneven lawn or a surface that is not level. Also, do not position the hibachi grill in the sun, as the combination of the heat of the grill and the direct sun can be highly hazardous, as the hibachi grill can become hot enough to cause a fire.

What You Can Cook on a Hibachi Grill 

The hibachi grill is perfect for cooking meat, poultry, and seafood. The flat cooking surface and intense heat create a great sear and crisp on foods that give the food a fuller, bolder flavor, and add a slightly smoky flavor to your food. 

How to Ignite Your Hibachi Grill 

Some hibachi grills are charcoal-based grills, and can take up to 15-20 minutes to get up to cooking temperature. To get your hibachi grill ready for cooking, first, fill the hibachi grill with enough charcoal briquettes to fill the grill to the top. Use two charcoal briquette perforated hibachi briquettes to add the charcoal briquettes. Next, add the hibachi charcoal starter to the charcoal briquettes to help ignite the charcoal.


You will need to use a torch lighter or a chimney starter to light the coals. If you are using a chimney starter, place the chimney starter on a flat surface, then set the hibachi grill on top of the chimney starter. Once the charcoal is lit, add the charcoal briquettes to the hibachi grill, and you are ready to cook. 

How Much Charcoal Do You Need for a Hibachi Grill? 

The amount of charcoal it will take to start your hibachi grill depends on several factors.  

First of all, the size of your hibachi grill will affect the amount of charcoal needed. For example, the more coals you use, the longer your hibachi grill will take to reach cooking temperature. Also, the intensity of the flame created will affect how long it takes to ignite the coals and how long it will take to begin to die down. Once the coals have been lit, the hibachi grill will use fuel in direct relation to the temperature of the fire.

If you are using a hibachi charcoal starter, it is recommended to use 2-3 hibachi charcoal starters per 20-25 pounds of hibachi charcoal. Place the hibachi charcoal in the hibachi grill, add the hibachi charcoal starters and allow the coals to start. Once the hibachi charcoal has started, add the hibachi charcoal to the grill, and you are ready to cook. 

Light It Up! 

Hibachi grills are outdoor cooking appliances that can be used with little planning and care to create delicious meals. Start by choosing a location and running a test of your hibachi grill to get your charcoal briquettes ready. As with any outdoor cooking appliance, remember to follow safety precautions when operating and working around an open flame. 

Buy an outdoor hibachi grill here at Backyard Hibachi. Our grills are propane based, so no hassles with a charcoal hibachi grill! Our portable hibachi will let you cook anywhere. We ship within the 48 US States. Get yours now!

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