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Choosing the Perfect Cuts to Grill the Juiciest Beef Steaks

Few things can beat a well-cooked steak. It's a smoked, juicy entrée with a softly crunchy crust that's worthy of a celebratory supper yet quick and easy enough grilling idea for dinner.

Choose your meat cut before heating the hibachi grill. The best steaks to grill will come from the beef cut known as the short loin, but we've also selected standouts from other cuts of beef. Any of the cuts listed below will make a delicious grilled steak.

Tenderloin Steaks for Lower Fat Content

Tenderloin of beef is the most tender and costly cut of beef. This long, pencil-shaped muscle is found deep inside the beef short loin, which avoids much of the heavy lifting that causes a tough steak. The disadvantage? It doesn't have much flavor. If overdone, the lower fat content might cause them to become dry.

The Finest Ribeye Steaks

The ribeye steak is possibly the greatest of all steaks, combining exquisite suppleness with an intense meaty taste. Cook until it reaches the desired doneness over medium-high heat.

Achieving Balance with the Top Sirloin

Top sirloin steaks strike a balance between price, taste, and softness. Top sirloin steak is a beef sirloin primal cut that goes from the lower back to the hip bone. It is a little tougher than short loin steak but delicate enough to cook. It will be drier and rougher, so take extra care not to overcook it.

Intense Beef Flavor with Strip Steaks

The strip steak is just as delicious as the ribeye. Strip steaks may have more strong beef taste than ribeye steaks, maybe at the sacrifice of suppleness, but there are so many variables to consider, including grading, age, and marbling, that it's a draw.

Skirt Steaks for Quick Cooking

The skirt steak remains exceptionally delicious despite being thick-grained and connected with chewy connective tissue. It will make a fantastic meal if you cook it quickly on a hot grill (even directly on the embers). Try putting it in tacos after cutting it against the grain.

Porterhouse Steaks for a Fraction of the Cost

The porterhouse steak is a cut from the rump end of the beef short loin. These cuts would cost you a lot at a restaurant, but you can grill porterhouse steaks at home for a fraction of the price.

T-Bone Steaks for a More Tender Cut

T-bone steaks are similar to porterhouse steaks but are sliced further forward on the short loin and hence have less or no tenderloin muscle attached. On the other hand, the ribeye muscle in the T-bone is significantly more sensitive than in the porterhouse because it is located further away from the rump.

Less Expensive Chuck Eye Steaks

Chuck eye steaks are the first or maybe second steaks cut from the beef chuck primal cut, precisely where it meets the rib primal cut. Because the distinction is arbitrary, the chuck eye steak is technically a ribeye. However, because it is taken from the chuck rather than the rib, it cannot be termed a ribeye and is far less expensive.

More Tender Flat Iron Steaks

Flat-iron steaks are a type of top blade steak sliced lengthwise rather than across from the beef chuck primal. This avoids the heavy seam of gristle that runs across it, making it more tender. Cook rapidly over high heat until medium-rare, then serve.


The first step to grilling the best steak is choosing the right cut. Preheat the grill, season the steaks and then cook them over a fire until the desired doneness. When done right, grilled steaks will be tender and juicy every time.

Are you interested in getting a hibachi grill in Lafayette, LA? Backyard Hibachi has the perfect portable hibachi grills to go anywhere with you. Check out our collection today!

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