Backyard Hibachi Grill: The Geaux

Backyard Hibachi Grill: The Geaux

Backyard Hibachi

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Introducing The GEAUX, Backyard Hibachi’s Most Portable Flat Top Gas Grill. Built to be ultra rugged and ideal for grilling on the go, take it camping, tailgating, on a picnic and more! 

Cooking on The GEAUX is easy with all the standard features and the same large cooking surface as our other models but in a more portable and compact design. Experience the epic cooking power of a Backyard Hibachi in our newest model! Pronounced "Go," the name comes from a Cajun-French play on spelling that is common in Louisiana.

GEAUX Anywhere! This lightweight grill is equipped with large heavy-duty wheels that allow for easy maneuvering, while providing a solid foundation for your hibachi grilling. Use it by the pool, take it camping, or bring it tailgating at your favorite team event.

Move past the low quality Chinese manufactured flat tops and get into a high quality US made grill. You will not find a 1/4" thick cook top combined with this ultra portable design. The ultra-thick cook plate is heated directly from the adjustable LP (Liquid Propane) gas burner and can provide versatile cooking heat; ranging from high, searing temperatures, perfect for cooking up a mouthwateringly juicy steak, and can also be adjusted to low or medium heat to perfectly prepare eggs, pancakes and stir fried vegetables. With nearly 6 square feet of cooking space, you can cook for a large crowd!

The GEAUX grill features a commercial grade steel top complete with a removable drip pan for easy cleaning. It comes equipped with an easy-to-use auto spark ignition and adjustable heat settings, a stainless steel drip pan beneath the cooking surface that catches any food scraps and is dishwasher safe. Torched hard cover and Geaux side shelf are great add ons and sold separately.